Lap Swimming Pools
Enjoy swimming but don’t have the time to fit a visit to the fitness club into your schedule? Want a pool in the comfort of your back yard? Want to train like professional elite athlete Michael Phelps in a lap pool designed with input from the athlete himself along with his coach Bob Bowman? Then look no further than the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas. These are better than a lap pool and will provide you with an endless pool for hours of laps!

Michael Phelps is an 18-time gold medalist, record-breaking elite swimmer known for his backstroke, butterfly, freestyle, individual medley strokes, and his intense workout schedule when training. This intense workout included days of swimming and thousands of laps to get into peak physical shape to out-swim his opponents every time. Because of his passion for swimming, Phelps and coach Bob Bowman teamed up to provide input in the design of the optimal acrylic surfaced fiberglass lap pool for the swimmer in everyone.

Above Ground Lap Pool Designs
Phelps and Bowman wanted a swim spa or lap pool that will work with people of various leg and arm lengths and different heights to ensure that everyone could benefit from owning a lap pool system. Therefore, the length and size of these pools vary; they’re available in myriad dimensions and include a plethora of amenities, including a built-in hot tub. Having the combo of the endless pool and hot tub is the best way to exercise and relax – all in one system.

How Does It Work?
Each design is equipped with a propulsion system for endless swimming to build strength, increase endurance, and provide hours of fitness training for all of your personal workout needs. The propulsion system provides the swimmer with a smooth current that continually flows, keeping the user in the center of the lap pool. Currents are adjusted to the swimmers specific skill level to challenge everyone from the most professional swimmer to the novice.

Don’t Waste Your Time With An In Ground Pool
While in ground pools are fun to have in your backyard for friends and family to enjoy on a summer day, they are not the best way to build endurance and strength for competitive swimmers, or those who swim for exercise. This endless pool provides you with hours of swimming without ever having to make a turn, allowing you to gain strength swimming against a strong current. That’s not the only thing. The Wave Propulsion SystemTM can be dialed up or down with the SwimNumber SystemTM so you can partake in other aquatic workouts that are much better for the joints than other forms of exercise. So it’s time to throw away the inflatable pool or drain the inground pool, and purchase the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa that works for you!

Find A Lap Pool On Sale Today
Here at Master Spas we have the knowledge that comes with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We’re able to provide answers to your questions and help you find the outdoor infinity pool that’s appropriate for your needs. Our website is equipped with pictures, features, and dimensions for each of our models to help you decide which swim spa will fit all your swimming needs. To locate a dealer near you and get a rough estimate on its overall cost, fill out the “Find A Dealer” section of our website and in no time you’ll be matched up with a dealer closest to you that’s ready to provide you with an endless lap pool for your home!