swim at home

Swim at Home with Wave XP Pro

How far will you go?

It might be the total distance of a workout or the length of an interval. “Far” might refer to the distance you will drive to get to the pool. Or, it might be the measures you are willing to take to achieve your goals.

For swimmers who feel at home in the pool, it might be hours staring at a black line or adjusting schedules to accommodate pool hours.

But what if you could be at home — at home?

With a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa, you can get closer to your goals without leaving your home.

Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas combine performance with the convenience of a backyard swimming pool. New for 2021, Michael Phelps swim spas come standard with the XP Wave Pro system allowing you to train at home — without losing sight of your goals. 

swim at home
There are factors that make it challenging to get to the pool — pool times, lane reservation requirements, weather, work. A Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa allows you to swim at home.

The Best to Be Your Best

You want to be the best athlete you can be. You need to have the motivation to do what it takes to fit in the training required to achieve your goals. But there are factors outside your control — pool times, lane reservation requirements, weather, work. 

The Wave XP Pro system helps you minimize the impact those have on your training while stoking your motivation.

Whether you want a place to swim daily or to complement time in a pool, the Wave XP Pro system produces a current fast enough to meet the challenges of your training plan. The propeller-based system is capable of producing a current equivalent to a sub-60 second pace for 100 meters. 

Speed settings go from zero to 100, allowing you to dial in the pace for your workout. You can set a moderate pace ideal for continuous swimming, which builds aerobic fitness, or focus on speed with intervals. 

Michael phelps swim spa
Among the benefits of swimming in a swim spa include the opportunity for instant feedback. You can use mirrors or a GoPro and see what your technique looks like.

Swim at Home with Wave XP Pro

Swimmers can enjoy a more realistic swimming experience, compared to other swim spas, with the Wave XP Pro system. It produces a wide channel of water that is smooth — ideal for swim training. 

This water current allows you to enjoy a continuous swim experience. Think of it as a treadmill for swimmers. You can find your groove and stay there as you swim.

For swimmers who are used to staring at a black line, swimming in a swim spa can require an adjustment period. There are no flip turns or breaks at the wall. You aren’t measuring your distance in yards or meters but time. 

But there are significant benefits to swimming in a swim spa. Designed to use year-round, you can set the water to your perfect temperature. You might enjoy a cool swim or you can choose a comfortable 85 degrees.

Swimming in the swim spa also allows for instant feedback. Mirrors can be placed on the bottom of the swim spa. See how your hands enter the water, your catch, and your pull. Does your left arm get “lazy”? Is your arm too straight? By analyzing your stroke in real time, you can correct your technique and see the improvements you want.

For swimmers who work with a coach, you can use a GoPro to record your swim technique and send it via email for feedback. It’s hard to capture that information in a pool, especially when you are pushing off the wall and streamline kicking.