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3 Swim Workouts for Beginners to Elites

It’s National Swim a Lap Day. And we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a swim workout.

While it’s not an official holiday, we here at Master Spas enjoy any opportunity to take a dip in a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa.

People have been swimming seemingly since the beginning of time, with rock paintings depicting ancient swimmers. But the sport as we know it began to surface in the 1800s, when competitive swimming began in England. 

Swimming first became an Olympic sport in 1896, when four events were contested in the Athens games — 100-meter, 500-meter, and 1200-meter freestyle and 100 meters for sailors.

And while most of us won’t be world-class swimmers, we can still enjoy the sport. So grab your goggles and swim cap, and suit up!

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A Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa makes exercising at home convenient and fun.

10 Reasons You Should Try Swimming

There is just something about being in the water that’s relaxing and refreshing. But the benefits of swimming are not just talk. The research is there: Swimming is beneficial for your mind, body, and spirit. 

Here’s how regular swimming can benefit you:

It strengthens your heart.

It improves circulation.

It increases your endurance.

It improves your flexibility and strength.

It improves lower back pain.

It can help you manage your weight.

You can enjoy an increased sense of well-being.

It releases stress and tension.

It reduces anxiety.

It will help you renew your energy.

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swim workout
The SwimNumber App gives you the flexibility to program a workout or choose one from the menu.

Swim Workouts for Swim Spas

Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas feature propulsion system with speed settings from zero to 100 and touchscreen controls that let you program a workout. The system is to swimmers is what a treadmill is to runners.

Not only can you select from a pre-programmed workout, you can add your favorite swim set that will complement your goals or training plan.

Here’s a few of our favorite swim workouts. We think these will add some variety and maybe a challenge to your next session in a Michael Phelps swim spa.

Swim Workout for Beginners

1-5 minutes: Easy warm-up, freestyle stroke

6-10 minutes: Kicking practice, using kickboard. 

11-15 minutes: Freestyle swimming; alternate between 30 seconds at a moderate to strong effort, and 30 seconds easy.

16-20 minutes: Cool down, freestyle stroke

Swim Workout for Athletes

Warm-up: 10 minutes easy swimming 

Working set (repeat four times total):

3 minutes at 75% effort with 30 seconds rest

2 minutes at 80% with 30 seconds rest

1 minute at 90% with 30 seconds rest

30 seconds at 100% with 60 seconds rest

Swim Workout for Triathletes

Warm-up: 10 minutes easy swimming 


8 x 1:30 strong effort (with 60 seconds rest)

3 minutes moderate effort

6 x 1:30 strong effort (with 60 seconds rest)

3 minutes moderate effort

4 x 1:30 strong effort (with 60 seconds rest)

3 minutes moderate effort

2 x 1:30 hard effort (with 60 seconds rest)

Cooldown: 10 minutes easy swimming