swimming in a swim spa

Learning to swim in a swim spa

You just want to swim. But there’s so much more to swimming than putting on a pair of goggles and your swimsuit. You have to make time for the workout, drive to the gym, and hope that you can get a lane. It almost feels like too much work to workout. 

How can you fit swimming into your schedule when it feels onerous?

A swim-in-place pool allows you to swim at home, at your own pace — whether you want to swim for 15 minutes or 75. A Master Spas swim spa can be used by swimmers of all levels, whether they want to improve fitness or refine their technique. 

But how do you swim in a swim spa or other swim-in-place pool?

You put on those goggles and swim suit, turn on the water current, and go. While there might be an adjustment period, swimming in a swim spa is fun and beneficial. These tips will help you swim better and for longer in a spa or other swim-in-place pool.

swim in a swim spa
A swim spa is a stationary swimming pool. You can use a Master Spas swim spa year-round and adjust the speed of the water current so you can swim at your pace.

Stationary swimming at home

You can run miles and miles on a treadmill but the machine only takes up a fraction of the distance. Some models even fold up to take up less room in your house.

But if you are a swimmer or water enthusiast, how can you do that with a pool?

A swim spa is a space-conscious solution for people who want to swim at home but might not have the space for a full-length pool. Master Spas swim spas are 8 feet wide and are up to 19-feet long.

There’s a current of water that creates resistance, allowing you to swim in place. Stationary swimming is similar to swimming in open water. You can adjust the speed of the current so you can swim at your own pace.

But more than a place to swim, you can exercise, relax, and just have fun. Another advantage is that they are fully insulated and heated so you can enjoy the water year-round.

A swim spa can be installed in most backyards, and you can choose a model that fits your backyard, lifestyle, and fitness goals. 

Swimming in a swim spa is a relaxing way to incorporate more activity into your daily routine. These stationary swim spa tips will make swimming more fun.

Tips for swimming in a swim spa

Are you ready to make stationary swimming a part of your routine but do not know what to expect?

These tips will help you get started and make swimming more fun.

swim in a swim spa
Swimming tools are helpful for swim spa swimming. Consider using , such as a buoy, snorkel, and goggles.

Choose the right gear

There are a few essential items that will help make swimming more enjoyable. In addition to a pair of goggles and a swimsuit, you can incorporate items like a pull buoy, center snorkel, and fins.

A pull buoy is placed between the thighs, and it helps keep your hips at the surface of the water. Without having to kick, you can focus on your stroke and improve your feel of the water.

With a center snorkel, you do not have to rotate to breathe. You can learn to control your breathing and what good body position feels like. If you struggle with breathing with a center snorkel, a nose clip can help.

Kicking drills can help you find balance as you swim and reduce drag in the water. You can wear fins to help improve your kick or help your legs recover from a tough workout.

Maintain your distance

One of the benefits of stationary swimming is that you don’t have to touch the wall or do a flip turn. You can get into a rhythm as you swim continuously against the water current.

As you swim, it’s important to remember that you are not touching the wall. Some people have a tendency to swim too close to the end of the spa. When you are too close, you are not swimming in the “sweet spot,” where the flow of water is at its widest. 

When you are swimming in the spa, your hands should be about a foot away from the jets or propulsion when your arms are extended.

Body position 

A streamline body position is at the foundation of becoming an efficient swimmer. However, the water current of a swim-in-place pool can exaggerate any imbalance or inefficiency in your swim stroke. Some people might even say that they are “tossed around.” 

There are a few cues, though, that you can use while swimming to help you maintain good body position in the water. You want to make sure that you are looking down, not at the water current. As you swim, the fingertips of your extended arm should be pointing forward, toward the center of the spa. 

Ease into a swimming routine

It’s important to start slowly when it comes to your swimming routine. Workouts that are shorter in duration can help you improve your confidence and prevent you from overdoing it.

Depending on your fitness level and experience, it might be beneficial to start with a 10- to 15-minute workout. As you get more comfortable in the swim spa, you can gradually increase the length of your workouts.

You might also find it beneficial to start with intervals. For example, you can swim against the current for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. You can increase the length of your swim intervals as your fitness improves.

Be consistent

The only way to get better at swimming in a swim spa is to swim.

Dr. Edward R. Laskowski, co-director of Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine, told the Daily Burn that consistency is key for “beneficial changes of exercise to occur in your body. For example, regular, consistent aerobic exercise stimulates the growth of new capillaries to bring blood to your muscles.”

Without consistency, it’s harder for your body to adapt to the workouts. In addition, it’s harder to get into a routine and make swimming a part of your daily life. 

Consistency is especially important when it comes to swimming. Getting in the water several times a week, each week, helps you maintain a good feel for the water. You will also be swimming enough to see improvements in your fitness and form.

water temperature pool spa
With a Master Spas swim spa, you can enjoy the benefits of a pool without the maintenance.

Swim your best, at home

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of swimming, recreation, and relaxation year-round — even in the winter? Having a Master Spas swim spa at home allows you to enjoy the benefits of a pool without the maintenance. You can click here to get more backyard ideas and picture what a swim-in-place pool would look like in your space. Or, contact your local Master Spas retailer to learn more about swim spa ownership. Wondering how much a swim spa costs? You can request a quote here