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7 Reasons a Swim Spa is Right for You

Have you been thinking about installing an in-ground pool? Do you want a place where you can swim laps for exercise, as well as a place for the kids to splash around? 

But there’s been something holding your back. An in-ground pool comes at a cost — not just financially but in space and time. 

A Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa is an in-ground pool alternative, ideal for those who want to enjoy the water without sacrificing their backyard. 

With a swim spa by Master Spas, athletes can train year-round without worrying about the weather or gym hours. For those new to exercise, a swim spa is a safe space to workout. And still others enjoy aquatic therapy’s benefits.

The bonus: Owners have found that a swim spa offers more to enjoy — beyond the motivating force to invest in one. 

Here are seven reasons why swim spa owners think a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa is worth the investment. 

reasons to buy swim spa
A Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa is an alternative to an in-ground pool. It is ideal for small backyards.

Product Quality

“I swam in six different swim spas before choosing the MP Signature. It had the best current with the best system for adjusting it. The size was good, and the salesman was knowledgeable.”

— Philip, Nevada

At-Home Convenience

 “As a swimmer, the MP Momentum provides me the ability to swim at home instead of going to a public pool. This has been the best investment I could have made.”

— Kevin, Texas

“This spa is a dream come true. I can swim anytime, on my own terms, without worrying about scheduling or the cleanliness of public pools – and I can use it for way longer than just two summer months!”

— Vesna, Ontario, Canada

“My swim spa has been the best investment I’ve ever made. We use it every day, and we enjoy knowing that we are getting great exercise and having so much fun without leaving our home.”

— Steve, North Carolina

Weight Loss

“The aquatics workout kit that they give you when is really fun! I’ve already lost weight, and my back feels better! I just had back surgery three months ago and needed a low-impact workout and a way to strengthen my core. Plus, the jets help massage my back with the high heat. I’m definitely motivated to workout!”

— Korinne, Texas

reasons to buy swim spa
There are three models in the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa series. Swim spa owners enjoy the convenience, quality, and therapy options the pool alternative offers.


“It is perfect for my therapeutic workout that I need for my MS and arthritis. I can use the propulsion for continuous swimming, and I can exercise with the equipment included.”

— Mary Ann M., Oklahoma

“My wife wanted a swim spa to help with her recovery from a hip replacement and for general health improvement. She has used it nearly every day since it has been set up. But the big surprise is that I have been in the swim spa as much as she has. I go in after my exercise routine to stretch and massage my back, shoulders and neck. We both are enjoying our swim spa and expect to get years of service from it.”

— Keith M., Portland, OR


“The swim spa is exactly what we were looking for … being able to relax, use the therapy jets for sore muscles, and then get my swimming workout in. I use it every day and night. The best investment I could have ever made.”

— Deborah, Greeley, CO

Year-Round Use

“The swim spa is wonderful for relaxation and for exercise. We use it in all types of weather — including 32-degree days. Our children, grandchildren, and friends all love it. We wish we had done this 10 years ago!”

— Rita, Pell City, Alabama 

Customer Service

“Simply put, totally outstanding swim spa backed by outstanding customer support! We experienced exceptional customer support though the entire process — sales, site survey, delivery scheduling and spa set up. Everyone in the company was a pleasure to work with and true professionals in every way.”

— Karl, Jacksonville, FL