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Motivation on deck: 5 tips to keep swimming

You have a swim on the schedule and all your gear is ready to go. However, you are finding it difficult to get excited for the workout.

Swimming is a great workout for your entire body. But everyone has struggled with motivation at one time or another — whether you are new to swimming or a competitive athlete. The water is too cold, you don’t have enough time, you’re tired, the pool is too far away.

This internal dialogue can make it challenging follow through on your plan to make it to the pool and prioritize your goals.

But you don’t have to let obstacles, even waning motivation, stop you from doing what you love. From the health benefits to external rewards, these reminders of why you should swim will get you out of the house and into the water.

swimming motivation
There are myriad factors that affect your motivation to swim or perform other exercise — and they might not be what you think.

Factors affecting motivation

The person who said the hardest part is getting started might not have been someone trying to stick to an exercise program or training schedule. Don’t get us wrong — it is intimidating to start something new. But there’s a lot of excitement in the beginning of an exercise program.

According to Human Kinetics, about 50 percent of people who start an exercise program quit within the first six months. 

“These people had exercise participation motivation, but they lack exercise adherence motivation, the persistence component of motivation,” the report states.

There are myriad factors that affect your motivation to swim or perform other exercise — and they might not be what you think. Situation factors, such as weather or time, can influence your decision to workout. But other things weigh on your decision. Self confidence and personality can also play a role in whether you are motivated to exercise. 

For example, people who are social and outgoing tend to adhere to exercise programs better than introverts. 

But whether you like swimming solo or with a squad, a key to maintaining your motivation is goal setting.

“Goals are also beneficial because they reflect improvement,” according to the Human Kinetics report. “Too often people make short-term comparisons regarding their strength, fitness, flexibility, or weight. Because the positive effects of exercise take time to emerge, improvements being made are often not noticed when people use a short timeframe for comparison. If a goal is achieved, evidence of improvement exists.”

swimming tips swim spa
Swimming is a highly effective way to get fit and stay fit. When you incorporate a swim spa into your training, you can have fun with your sessions.

5 ways to build swimming motivation

For swimmers, the motivation to get in the water might be a big event or the desire to hit a personal best. For others, it might be to improve overall health and fitness. Still, others might be swimming for weight loss. 

Swimming is a highly effective way to get fit and stay fit. It is a low impact way to exercise with the water’s buoyancy reducing stress on your joints. Swimming is also a full-body exercise that can strengthen and tone your muscles while improving your cardiovascular fitness.

Motivation to swim, though, isn’t something that just shows up. It’s something that you need to work on.

But how do you work on that swimming motivation? These tips will get you excited to put on your swimsuit.

swim spa fun
Swimming is fun, and it’s important to keep it fun — especially if you are struggling with motivation.

Remind yourself that swimming is fun

You began swimming for a reason. You might have hopped in the water because your friends were on a team or because you loved the feeling of swimming on a hot summer day. Swimming is an activity you decided to continue because there’s joy and satisfaction in it. And, let’s be honest: Swimming is far better than sweating it out on the elliptical. 

If you are struggling with motivation to swim, focus on the aspects of swimming that you love. Swimming can be a moving form of meditation, bringing you peace. The buoyancy of the water can make you feel physically and mentally lighter. Or you might just enjoy splashing around like you were a kid.  

Stop stressing and unwind in the water

One of the barriers to swimming might be your schedule. You just don’t have time to fit in a 30-minute session. However, going for a swim might be just what you need for stress relief. According to a survey by Speedo, 74 percent of people say that swimming helps release stress and tension. More than two thirds of those surveyed said that swimming can have a positive mental impact. Seventy percent of people told Speed that it helps them to feel mentally refreshed.

Any type of exercise can help reduce stress. However, water is known to have a soothing effect. Just think about it: When was the last time you were stressed out as you were floating in the water? 

playlists for swimming
A Michael Phelps swim spa can be used for challenging swims or recovery efforts. Installing a swim spa creates the space that you need to stay motivated to stick to your routine.

Create a space for swimming

When it comes to sticking to an exercise plan, the most important thing you need is the right mindset. 

But how do you get in that frame of mind? 

Creating a space that’s just for you and your swimming can not only make getting in the water convenient but more fun. 

With a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa, you can swim in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. The adjustable water current is ideal for swimming in place, and the mineral filtration system makes sure that the water is always clean and clear. Plus, with a built-in heater and energy-efficient insulation, you can swim year-round. 

Turn up the energy

One of the last things you want to do when you are tired is exercise. However, regular exercise can give you the energy you need to stick to a training schedule.  

How does exercise give you more energy?

Swimming and other workouts cause a cellular change in your body. When you exert yourself, according to Havard Health, your body produces more mitochondria. These powerhouse cells create fuel from your body, creating more available energy.

Swimming three times a week for 30 minutes each session can boost your energy levels.

waterproof headphones
Waterproof headphones are a popular way to listen to music while swimming.

Give yourself a reward

There are two types of motivation — intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is the inner drive that you have to do something, whether it’s swimming or tackle a project at work. Extrinsic motivation is something tangible, like a sweet treat or new workout gear.

An extrinsic reward creates a positive association in your brain. Swimming becomes an activity that is worthwhile because there’s a positive reward at the end. When your brain sees the activity as worthwhile, you are more likely to make it a habit.

Consider relaxing on a pool float or taking advantage of the hydrotherapy jets in the swim spa. Just like a hot tub, you can enjoy a custom massage in a Michael Phelps swim spa. The massage will not only feel good to your sore and tired muscles but it will feel like an indulgent treat. 

Other rewards could include a fun new swimsuit, pedicure, or your favorite coffee drink.

swim at home

How to buy a swim spa

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