Swimming in a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa

Whether you are a recreational swimmer or a competitive athlete, a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas offers you the space to be the swimmer you want to be.

Improve your fitness, refine your stroke, or go for a personal best while enjoying a continuous swimming experience. And with a depth of 60 inches, you can comfortably train with all four strokes.

The Wave XP Pro Propulsion™ Technology features a unique propeller design that provides a wider, deeper and smoother current — giving you a swimming experience that is superior to other swim spas. The resistance is fully adjustable with the Swim Number System™, which allows swimmers of varying skills to customize the flow. And convenient digital controls allow you to set the water temperature where it's most comfortable for you. That's why consumers in an independent, third-party blind comparison with the leading competitors chose the Master Spas Swim Spa System as the top swim spa by a wide margin.

In a Michael Phelps Signature Swim spa, swimmers will enjoy:

  • Variable speed, with settings from 0 to 100
  • Contoured design that creates a smoother flow of water for an improved swimming experience
  • Water depth of 60 inches, allowing swimmers of all heights to be able to train
  • No flip turns necessary

Swimming for Longer, Better Living

A new study shows that swimming cuts men's risk of dying by about 50% compared to runners, walkers and their sedentary peers. The University of South Carolina study led by Dr. Steven Blair evaluated comprehensive physical exams and behavioral surveys from more than 40,000 men, age 20-90 years, enrolled in the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study (ACLS) over the last 32 years. "We also observed lower mortality in swimmers than in runners," Blair explains. "Therefore, swimming appears to be a healthful alternative to other types of physical activity. …In an earlier study in this same population, we found that both women and men had similar benefits from swimming in terms of fitness and other health indicators." The results were presented at the 2008 World Aquatic Health™ Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and have been published in the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education.

Underwater view  of Michael Phelps swimming
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