winter swim spa maintenance

Winter maintenance tips for swim spa owners

It’s refreshing to go for a swim on a summer afternoon. Convenient to go for a swim on a summer night. But as the days get shorter and the temperatures turn cooler, you might start to wonder if you will love your swim spa as much in the winter.

For many people, winter is the best season to take advantage of a swim spa (or hot tub). While your friends are closing up their pools for the season, you can swim, exercise, or just escape the day-to-day stress for 20 minutes.

Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas were designed for year-round use, whether you live in the dry desert of Arizona or experience harsh winters in Canada. The energy efficient design, full foam insulation, and foam cover help to keep the heat and maximize your enjoyment.

However, if you plan to take advantage of the benefits of a swim spa, you will have to stick to your maintenance schedule. These tips will help you maintain your Michael Phelps swim spa throughout the colder months — and rest of the year.

winter maintenance swim spa
Keeping up with swim spa chemicals is one of the most important aspects of caring for your spa, even in the winter.

Winter swim spa maintenance 

The general guideline for winter swim spa maintenance is to stick to your regular routine. The basics of spa care will not change whether it’s 85 degrees or 15 degrees.

But, you might change how you do things when it’s cold outside. After all, no one wants to stand on the patio in full winter gear as they rinse filters.

Get to know the owner’s manual

Reading in your swim spa? Wonderful idea. Reading about your swim spa in the owner’s manual? A little less Instagram worthy.

But it’s important to familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual of your swim spa. It’s filled with everything you need to know about using and maintaining your all-season pool, from spa chemicals to changing the filter cycles.

You can also learn how to troubleshoot spa chemical issues, address error codes, and record your chemical routine.

Change the water

Master Spas recommends changing your swim spa water twice a year. But you don’t want to change the water in the middle of winter. The best time to drain your swim spa is when the temperatures are above freezing, preferably 10 or 20 degrees Fahrenheit above freezing. If you drain your swim spa when it’s too cold, the water in the plumbing of the spa can freeze and cause damage. 

During the winter, it’s important to keep the swim spa water circulating and at a comfortable temperature. Not only will this encourage you to use your spa but protect your investment.

Rinse your filters

Keeping your filters rinsed and clean is key to clean, clear water. You should rinse your swim spa filters once a week and soak them in a filter cleaner once a month. 

When it was warm, you might have used a garden hose and bucket to clean your filters. However, in the winter, you can take your swim spa filters inside for rinsing and cleaning. The sprayer nozzle on many kitchen faucets is perfect for getting in between the folds of the filter fabric. Alternatively, a laundry sink can be used to clean filters. You can store your filters in the garage to dry out or when they are soaking in a filter solution.

Put a cover on it

Do you want to know the best way to keep your swim spa water at the perfect temperature? Keep it covered. The high density foam cover is designed to minimize heat loss when the spa is not in use. Not only will this mean that your Michael Phelps swim spa will be ready to use, it will help you save on your utility bill and operating costs.

Swim spa chemicals

If there is water in your swim spa, you need to add chemicals to keep it clean, clear, and safe for use. Water care does not change even if the seasons do. As part of winter swim spa maintenance, you should check the water of your swim spa every few days to check chemical levels and clarity. You can use a test strip to make sure that your total alkalinity, pH, and chlorine are in the proper range. Add chemicals as necessary, remembering to start with your alkalinity before adjusting pH and, lastly, chlorine.

It’s also important to keep your chemicals stored properly. You want to have them accessible but also keep them out of the elements.

winterizing spa
Michael Phelps swim spas are designed to be used year-round. If you are curious about winterizing your spa, contact your local Master Spas retailer.

Winterizing your swim spa

One of the benefits of a swim spa is that you do not have to close up for the season. However, there are people who do not plan to use their spa in the winter — whether they bought it for seasonal use or winter in a warmer climate.

You can go through the process of winterizing your swim spa if you don’t plan to use it for several months. However, it’s important to take precautions and follow the proper steps. Otherwise, you can damage the spa and void your warranty. 

To winterize your swim spa, you will turn off the breaker and drain the water. You will then blow out the plumbing, so to speak, to remove any water that remains in the plumbing lines. You will need a shop vac for this step. Turn it on “blowing mode” and place it next to the nozzle of each jet. Blowing the jets will help push any trapped water in the lines into the interior of the spa. Once you are finished, use the shop vac to remove any standing water. 

Caution: If there’s any water left in your spa, especially in the plumbing, freeze damage can occur. 

But it’s not just about taking the water out. It’s also important to make sure that water does not get in while it’s winterized. Should you choose to winterize your swim spa, consider protecting the spa with tarps. The tarp will act as a water barrier, keeping out any snow or rain that will try to make its way in. 

Once you have a tarp secured, you can put the cover on. Make sure that it’s locked in place and secure around the perimeter.

Don’t want to go through the process on your own? Contact your local Master Spas dealer to see if they offer this service. 

Or, rather than closing your Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa for the winter, consider taking advantage of your investment.

A backyard pool for all seasons

Do you want to be able to swim year-round? Enjoying the benefits of a backyard water feature does not have to end at Labor Day. Having a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa at home allows you to swim, exercise, and relax year-round — no matter where you live. You can click here to get more about the benefits of exercising in a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa. Or, contact your local Master Spas retailer to learn more about swim spa ownership. Wondering how much a Michael Phelps swim spa costs? You can request a quote here