If your 45-minute swim takes two hours out of your day, you need this.

train for your triathlon in a michael phelps signature swim spa

September 27, 2017

by Bradley Bowman

The swim may take up the shortest amount of time in a triathlon, but training for it is often a huge time commitment. Think about the steps you have to go through to get in a swim workout: Check the website to see if lanes are open. Pack swim bag. Drive to the pool. Change. Check workout. Find an open lane. Wait for kids' swim lessons to end. Swim. Shower. The list goes on. All told, getting 45 minutes in the pool can take close to two hours.

But what if that same 45-minute swim took you only 47 minutes, give or take?

Swimming at home with a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa by Master Spas is the ultimate luxury for time-crunched triathletes. Here are 10 reasons why adding one to your home or backyard will forever change the way you train.

9 Reasons You Should Swim at Home

1. Eliminate turns and breaks

There are no flip turns or pauses during the opening leg of a triathlon, so why waste time with either during training? By swimming against a current in a Swim Spa, you’re free to focus on form and speed without worrying about a flip turn every 25 meters.

2. Train in race-specific conditions

Smooth water is hard to come by in a triathlon, and the conditions of a pool could not be more different from what you’ll find on race day. The current of a Swim Spa creates water conditions that are much more similar to open water and allows triathletes to train in race-like conditions everyday.

3. Brick workouts like never before

Getting in a true swim-bike brick workout is nearly impossible if you swim in a pool. By the time you get out of the water and onto rideable roads, the effectiveness of the brick workout has completely diminished. With a stationary bike trainer set up next to your Swim Spa, you can go from Swim to bike even faster than on race day without any drop in intensity. Add a treadmill to the mix and you can do your own triathlon at home whenever you please.

woman training in a michael phelps swim spa

4. Boost running form and fitness

Water running is great for any triathlete. You know you probably should be doing it, but chances are you’re not. Driving to the pool just to do a low-intensity “aqua jog” is a lot of effort for something that doesn’t feel like a real workout. With a Swim Spa at home, you can get all the form and injury-prevention benefits of water running without wasting half your afternoon.

5. Rehab at home

Eventually every triathlete gets injured. With three sports that require so many hours of training, over-use injuries are bound to happen. When they do, aqua therapy is one of the most effective means of rehabilitation available. Whether you’re dealing with IT Band Syndrome, knee tendinitis, or swimmer’s shoulder, performing rehab exercises in a Swim Spa can increase flexibility, reduce swelling, increase circulation and reduce pain.

6. Improve pacing

With the controlled current of a Swim Spa, athletes can dial in the exact pace they desire and then swim as long as they’d like with a perfectly consistent speed. Whether you’re new to the water or you’re an Olympic champion like Michael Phelps, a Swim Spa can help you push your pace to entirely new levels.

7. Stroke analysis

By simply placing a mirror at the bottom of a Swim Spa, you can get real-time feedback on your form and make adjustments as you swim. Everything from hand entry, hip rotation and head position can be monitored as you workout so you can make stroke improvements on the fly everyday. For a different angle of your stroke, a Swim Spa makes it easy for someone to record your swim with any smartphone or tablet so you can make more improvements or share with a coach.

8. Relaxation and recovery

Having a swim spa isn’t all about being able to get in a swim whenever you please. It’s also about helping you recovery from all those hard hours of training when it’s time to unwind. The Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa by Master Spas features an Xtreme Therapy Seat, where jets help sooth aching muscles and help you recover for the following day’s workout. Powerful pumps allow you to dial in the exact pressure you need—from a gentle touch to a true muscle-kneading massage.

9. Time!

Without a doubt, the number one benefit of owning a Swim Spa is the time you’ll save each and every day. If you’re balancing work, family, social obligations and two other sports to train for, the last thing you want is sitting in traffic and waiting for an open lane every time you want to swim. With a Swim Spa at home, you’ll love swimming more than ever before and have more time for the things you love.

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Article source: IRONMAN.com

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