How Michael Phelps swim spas compare

Shopping for a swim spa can be confusing. There is so much choice, and you want a swim spa that fits your skill level, space, and expectations.

Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas are a swim in place pool with the added benefit of hydrotherapy and family fun.

How much does a Michael Phelps swim spa cost? You can request pricing here.

The continuous swim current is created by the Wave XP Pro, a propulsion system. Ideal for swimming in place, the wide stream of water is deep and turbulent for free. Swimming in a Michael Phelps swim spa, you can see the difference compared to other jetted swim spa models.

Legendary swimmer Michael Phelps was able to use the swim spa as part of his training. He credits swim spa training for helping him to develop his Gold medal-winning freestyle stroke.

However, the ability to adjust the speed of the endless water current makes Michael Phelps swim spas ideal for all levels. Whether you are a beginner or world-class swimmer, you can achieve your training goals without leaving home.

Other features of Michael Phelps swim spas:

  • Hydrotherapy seats and massage jets
  • Energy efficient design and mineral filtration system
  • LED lighting
  • Waterfalls
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