Coach your best in a swim spa

In this four-part video series, swimmer Michael Phelps and his coach share how he incorporates a Master Spas swim spa into his training.

Swimmers and homeowners are not the only people who benefit from using a swim-in-place pool like the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa. As a coach, Michael Phelps swim spas make it easier to to hone in on form and technique without running up and down a pool deck.

Michael Phelps' swim coach was able to see how he responded to different speeds while swimming all four strokes. The coach can adjust the speed, as well, depending on what the goal of the session.

An advantage of a swim-in-place pool is that the coach can set the speed of the water current, and the swimmer can just focus on swimming. The swimmer does not have to adjust pace or worry about hitting a certain number on the clock.

Swimmers can also use the swim spa for recovery and therapy.

How much does a Michael Phelps swim spa cost? You can request pricing here.

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