Train your best in a swim spa

Master Spas worked with legendary swimmer Michael Phelps to develop a line of swim spas ideal for high-level training.

But you don't have to be Michael Phelps to swim in and enjoy a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa.

A backyard pool alternative, a Michael Phelps swim spa is ideal for anyone, at any age, and any skill level.

These swim spas have an endless water current for stationary swimming. Created by the Wave XP Pro system, you can swim as fast as 54 seconds per 100 meter pace. However, you have the ability to adjust the pace to suit your comfort and skill. There are speed settings from zero to 100.

Swim spas are a unique blend of fitness, relaxation, and family fun. While you can use the swim spa as a lap pool, you can also splash around with family and friends. Or, take advantage of the hydrotherapy jets for a soothing massage.

How much does a Michael Phelps swim spa cost? You can request pricing here.

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