swim spa electrical requirements

Swim spa electrical requirements: Your go-to guide

Water and electrical wiring are typically kept apart. But if you recently bought a swim spa, or are considering making the investment, you might be wondering how one will go with the other. Afterall, you need electricity to power the swim current and other features that influenced your buying decision.

To safely swim, exercise, and relax in your swim spa, you want to make sure that it is wired properly. When a swim spa is not wired correctly, it can lead to difficulties — whether it’s a breaker tripping or worse.

Master Spas recommends that you work with a licensed electrician to hook-up the electrical to your Michael Phelps spa. Why do you need a licensed swim spa electrician? He will not only understand the electrical requirements for your area but National Electric Code guidelines.

Some backyard spa pools might require 50-amp service and a 240-volt connection. However, Michael Phelps swim spas do require either 100-amp or 130-amp service depending on the model. What’s with the additional amperage? The additional amperage powers the WaveXP Pro Propulsion System, which provides a superior swimming experience.

The propulsion system is key to the Michael Phelps swim spa experience. Creating an endless current, you can swim at the top speed, which is 54 seconds per 100 meter pace. Alternately, use the touchscreen panel to dial it down for a leisurely effort.  The endless swim current can also be used for water exercise or family fun. 

When your Michael Phelps swim spa is wired correctly, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of a backyard pool with the therapy of a hot tub.

swim spa electrical requirements

Swim spa electrical requirements

Installing a Michael Phelps signature swim spa in your backyard can be an exciting addition to your home, offering relaxation and fitness opportunities. However, it’s essential that the electrical connection is properly installed.

Michael Phelps swim spas use more power than a standard household appliance. They require 100 amps of service and a 240-volt connection. Why? Each pump draws power, as do the features such as LED lighting.

Homeowners who recently purchased an MP Momentum Deep should note that dual zone swim spas require more power. This model will need 130 amps of power, as the spa has a swim side and a hot tub side.

Wiring set-up for swim spas: To establish a secure electrical connection between your swim spa and your home, it’s crucial to consult a certified electrician. The wiring process involves running a conduit pipe from your home’s breaker box to the dedicated GFCI box installed near the swim spa. This connection will be permanently integrated into your home’s electrical system.

Wire types and connections: Electricians typically use No. 6 wire for the wiring setup. The wiring configuration includes one neutral wire, two hot wires, and one ground wire. This setup ensures proper grounding and safety measures for the swim spa.

Planning and scheduling: To ensure a smooth installation process, it’s advisable to plan ahead and schedule an appointment with your chosen electrician. Additionally, make sure you have adequate space available for all the necessary wiring connections.

swim spa electrical requirements

Questions about wiring a swim spa

You’ll need to determine the correct electrical connection for your Michael Phelps swim spa. The electrical requirements for the swim spas are different from other pool spas. And it’s definitely different from other electrical appliances in your home.

Where can I find the electrical requirements for my Michael Phelps spa?

Electrical diagrams for Master Spas hot tubs are available on the resources page of the website.

Do I have to use a licensed electrician?

You want to enjoy your pool spa — not worry about whether it’s wired correctly. Electrical connections made improperly, or the use of wire gauge sizes that are too small for incurring power, may continually blow fuses in the electrical equipment box, may damage the internal electrical controls and components, is unsafe and will void your warranty. 

A licensed electrician will understand the requirements. Ask your Master Spas retailer if they have a list of preferred electricians, as they will be most familiar with hot tubs and swim spas and how they are wired.

Is there enough room in my electrical panel? 

Most homes will have room in their panel for the 100-amp/240V service that most Michael Phelps swim spas require. However, the electrician might have to “clean” up the breaker.

Can I run a pool spa on a generator?

Have you ever wondered whether you can hook-up your swim spa to a  generator? The answer is yes. Your generator, though, will have to have enough power to run 100 amps. 

However, most people consider running their swim spa on a generator because of a power outage. Many standby or backup generators do not have the capacity to run your pool alternative.

Plus, in the event of an outage, you typically do not need to worry about running your swim spa on a generator. The water has been treated, and the spa has insulation to maintain the water temperature.

How far away should the GFCI breaker be from my swim spa?

Every municipality will have its own regulations about how close the breaker box can be to the pool spa. While you might want it closer, the box should never be so close that you can turn off the electrical while still in the water. Your licensed electrician will be the most knowledgeable person to ask about how close the breaker can be to your spa. For planning purposes, many people recommend that the spa be 5 feet away from the breaker.

Why is the breaker to my swim spa tripping?

If you recently installed your Michael Phelps swim spa and find that it is tripping the breaker, the mostly likely reason is that it was not wired correctly. It could be as simple as the neutral wire didn’t go to the neutral connection. Or, the wiring connections are loose. If you have questions about your hot tub wiring, you can snap a picture of the GFCI box and send it to the service rep at your Master Spas swim spa dealer.

How much electricity does a swim spa use?

How much electricity your swim spa will use will depend on a variety of factors. How often you use the swim spa, filtration cycles, the size of the model, and local electricity rates will impact the cost to run your spa. 

However, Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas are designed to be energy efficient. They are made with full foam insulation, which not only protects the components of your spa but helps prevent heat from escaping. As a result, your spa will not need as much energy to maintain the water temperature.

buy a swim spa

How to buy a swim spa

Do you want to be able to swim, exercise, and relax at home? Having a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa allows you to swim on your schedule while adding a fun factor to your backyard. You can click here to find out more about the benefits of hydrotherapy and relaxing in a hot tub. Or, contact your local Master Spas retailer to learn more about swim spa ownership. Wondering how much a swim spa costs? You can request a quote here.