Train Hard at Home in Any Climate

Training for the open water swimming portion of a triathlon while living in a cold or unpredictable climate can be incredibly difficult, especially in a more rural area where access to an indoor pool could be limited to begin with. Outdoor pools may be closed for the season, and lakes or ponds could be frozen over or at unsafe swimming temperatures. And with the outdoor swimming options so limited, it will just make the indoor pools you do have access to more crowded. Luckily, with the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa by Master Spas, you can train year-round at your own home, in any climate.

Stay Motivated with a Swim Spa

Owning a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa helps you stay motivated in your training! It not only simulates training in open water, but it also allows you to exercise in other ways, like running in water, rowing and resistance training. Roads too icy to drive to the gym? No problem! Your swim spa is right at hand and ready for a workout whenever you are, matching your motivation level with year-round availability.

With a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa by Master Spas, you can get proper training on your own schedule.

The Swim Spa Advantage

Even if the weather isn’t ideal for working out, your temperature controlled swim spa will be. And you can use SNAPP (SwimNumber App) on your iPad® to guide you through your own personalized workout – an experience you can’t get in an indoor pool or open body of water. This app intuitively changes the speed of the water current at timed increments you set, allowing you to achieve a highly effective workout. Talk about an advantage you’ll have over other triathletes in training!

With SNAPP to guide you through your own personalized workout and the massage therapy jets to soothe sore muscles afterwards, you have access to high-intensity, high-quality training, and relief all in one swim spa.

Contributions to this article made by Ironman Certified Coaches, Mari Cuticelli and Ben Gilliam.