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What is the right water temperature for your swim spa?

We’ve all been there — whether it’s going into open water or the local pool. The water is either freezing cold, causing your muscles to immediately tense, or warm like bath water. Neither option is going to support your plan for the day.

Spending time in the water can be a way to exercise, unwind, or just spend time with your family. Water can be therapeutic and relaxing, even if you are going in for a swim. But it might be hard to have fun when you get in the water and the temperature is a shock to your system.

When you have a swim spa at home, you have the advantage of being able to choose the temperature. But what’s the right water temperature for your swim spa?

There’s no perfect temperature for your swim spa but there are a range of temperatures that are better suited for certain activities. 

You can cool off on a hot summer day or take advantage of the hydrotherapy jets on a cool fall night. The key is to understand how water temperature affects your body and taking advantage of your swim spa’s features.

water temperature pool spa
If you are swimming and splashing around in your swim spa, you want to keep your water temperature in the 80s. Younger children might prefer the water to be in the low 90s.

Perfect swim spa temperature

Most swimming pools intended for lap swimming are set in the low 80s. If the pool is intended for competition swimming, the water temperature can be as low as 77 degrees.

The pool temperature is set to those ranges for safety. If the water is too warm, athletes can experience dehydration and overheating, according to USA Swimming.

Let’s be honest — most of us aren’t training to compete on the world’s stage. We don’t need to swim in 77-degree water, even if we are working toward the best version of ourselves. 

With a Michael Phelps swim spa, you can choose your ideal temperature. And, unlike a residential lap pool, you can swim and splash year-round.

But what is the perfect swim spa temperature? It depends on a few factors, including your desired activity and the air temperature.  

Recreational swimming

The pool at your local fitness center is probably set between 82 and 84 degrees. But, according to the United States Water Fitness Association, most people find a slightly warmer temperature more comfortable — especially if you are just starting out. 

If you are using your Michael Phelps swim spa for general fitness and swimming, you might find that you prefer the temperature to be between 84 and 88 degrees. A slightly warmer temperature, up to 90 degrees, can be more comfortable — especially if you have kids in the water.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to be aware of how you feel in the water when you are swimming. Do you feel too warm? Are your cheeks flushed? Do you feel overly  thirsty while you are exercising? 

pool spa water
When you are setting the water temperature of your swim spa, you should consider the type of exercise and the intensity of the workout.

Workout intensity

A cooler swim spa temperature might be a shock — initially. However, if you are expecting a tough session in the water, you should set the water temperature to a lower range. Whether you are aqua jogging or swimming, cooler water can help you exercise longer without risk of overheating.  And while you might need a few minutes to acclimate, your body will adjust to the cooler water. In fact, a study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness reports that the body can better acclimate to colder water temperatures than warmer ones.

If you are planning to do a harder intensity workout, consider setting your swim spa temperature to the low 80s. 

Aquatic therapy

Warm water is not just for relaxing. When the temperature of your swim spa is set at 88 degrees and up to 94 degrees, you can use it as an at-home aquatic therapy pool

People who live with chronic conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and low back pain will find that the warmer water helps their muscles relax. Water in this therapeutic range can also help improve circulation, mobility, and more.

Air temperature

Unlike a traditional pool, a Michael Phelps swim spa is designed to be used year-round. You can swim when it’s 25 degrees outside or when it’s 85. However, when the air temperature is cooler, you might need to adjust the water temperature of your swim spa. Consider turning up the water a few degrees if you plan to swim. Why? While the water is warm, you are breathing the cool air.

If you are exercising, such as water walking or rowing, you can also wear a hat to keep you warm. 

Crowd control 

There’s nothing like having people over to hang out in the swim spa. But the more people in the water, the more likely it is that the water temperature will rise. If you plan to host a get-together, especially in the summer, drop the swim spa temperature a few degrees. It will make sure that the water is comfortable for everyone.

Keep in mind that you can’t “chill” the water or flip a switch to make the water colder. You can lower the temperature of your water by opening the cover, which exposes the water to the air temperature. In addition, you can use a pool noodle to vent the cover at night, allowing the cool air to circulate. Other owners have used ice and fresh water from the hose to cool it off.

dual zone pool spa
A dual temperature swim spa, like the MP Momentum Deep, has two different bodies of water. Each side of the swim spa can be set to a different water temperature.

Dual zone swim spas

When you are trying to find your perfect swim spa temperature, one consideration is the actual swim spa model.

The MP Signature Deep and MP Force Deep have generous swim areas for water exercise and family fun. They feature a single body of water and an easy-to-use control panel for adjusting the temperature.

However, the MP Momentum Deep is a dual-zone swim spa. What is a dual zone swim spa? It’s a pool-spa combo that has two bodies of water with two sets of temperature controls. There’s a hot tub side, with hydrotherapy seats. There’s a swim spa side with plenty of room for swimming, exercise, and relaxation. (The two sides are separated by an acrylic divider.)

The dual-zone unit allows you to keep the hot tub side warmer for relaxation, and the swim spa side at a lower temperature. 

Most swim spas can get as hot as 99 degrees. With the dual-zone swim spas, you can set the hot tub side up to 104 degrees. 

How to buy a swim spa

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